NAER 2017 Conference

NAER Conference Provides Second-to-None Value to Niche Executive Search Firms

Don’t be fooled. Small executive search firms offer big benefits: more opportunities for collaboration, deeper connections with clients, an ability to adjust quickly as client needs change—all of which lead to a better understanding of a client’s values and strategic priorities.

When these topics are discussed across industries, with colleagues from like-minded executive search firms, opportunities for growth abound.

A great opportunity to have these discussions is the annual conference of the National Association of Executive Recruiters (NAER), which takes place April 6.

In a recent conversation, Tony Misura, president of the Misura Group and member of NAER, marveled at the sustained level of intellectual ability and success that the leaders and contributors of this organization possess. The conference, he says, is a perfect way to experience the value, diversity, trust, comfort, and high ethical standards of this network of recruiters.

NAER is made up of exceptionally qualified, successful executive search firms that have proven track records of service and achievement. Its annual conference allows owners and leaders to gain a level of trust and confidence from their peer group, share ideas and concerns confidentially, and create a safe and highly intellectual learning environment.

For Misura, the long-term advantages of his involvement with NAER have been learning from the successes and mistakes of others in the recruiting business and letting others stand in his blind spot(s) and offer ideas for managing the strategic, daily, and tactical aspects of running a search firm.

This year’s NAER conference will focus on how to effectively tell your business’ story. Mary Jo Cranmore, a former producer for Good Morning, America and Dateline NBC, will lead a keynote session on how to gain trust, identify your impact in the recruiting space, and use a concerted marketing effort to reap great rewards. In addition to her work in television, Cranmore previously served as a brand storyteller and video producer for Client Cycle Marketing. She is now a partner and creative director for Message2Media.

Building on the storytelling theme, other expert presenters will run hour-long sessions on how to leverage big data to improve recruiting practices, increase candidate pools, streamline selection processes, and, most importantly, tell a compelling story. In addition, there will be opportunities over meals, during breaks, and in think-tank sessions to discuss cutting-edge approaches to executive searches, succession planning, and ways to continually improve best practices.

The benefits of attending are far-reaching. Misura, for example, noted that 10 of the most recent best practices his company adopted that directly affected its bottom line originated from the relationships and connections he established through NAER conferences.

The conference leaves him and others energized every year. If you are a member of or lead an executive recruiting firm of 10–15 employees, this conference is for you!

2017 Annual NAER Conference will take place at the Loews Hotel in Minneapolis.

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