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Criteria for Membership in NAER

Membership in the National Association of Executive Recruiters is open to those organizations which recruit senior level professionals. Membership in the Association is by firm or corporate entity, not individual, by application and selection after the applicant organization meets the following NAER criteria for membership.

The following criteria for membership is intended as a definition of the kind of executive recruitment firm most likely to develop and provide the service that succeeds for the client. They are based on the premise that the firm should be independent, unbiased, and objective; should offer adequate staff and experience; should be ethically operated; and should be soundly managed and financed.

Only firms operating in a pure recruiting or search mode are eligible for NAER membership.

Executive search firms exempt from state licensing standards are eligible to apply for NAER membership; however, the Board of Directors will consider applicants from firms in those states requiring licensing of all third-party search firms.

The executive search firm applying for NAER membership must have been in business for a minimum of one year prior to submitting an application. A principal of the firm must apply for the firm’s membership and be the designated NAER representative. Additionally, the principal making application for the firm must have had a minimum tenure of three years professional employment in executive search prior to making this application.

In the firm’s application for membership in NAER, a minimum of two client references must be furnished, confidentially. These references should be at the general manager or senior officer level.

The firm must agree to operate in accordance with the NAER Code of Ethical Standards and so state on the membership application.

Member firms found not in compliance with these standards may be removed as members by vote of the Board of Directors, as described in the Association’s bylaws.

Members found to misrepresent the intentions or goals as stated by NAER may be removed by vote of the membership.