NAER Membership Application Process

The application process for members in the NAER is as follows:

  • Firms wishing to be considered for membership in NAER must fill out the Membership Application Form and submit this information to NAER with all the necessary supporting information.
  • A committee of NAER will review the application, evaluate the firm’s qualifications, check references, review possible conflicts, etc.
  • If the review of the Membership Application Form is passed then a representative of the potential member firm will be invited to attend a portion of the NAER annual conference at their own expense—to include a conference registration fee, travel to the conference location, hotel, meals, etc.
  • Following the conference at the NAER annual meeting the information about the potential member firm will be formally presented to members for final review.
  • If the potential member is accepted for membership the firm’s representative will be notified by the NAER Chairperson and new members will be invoiced on a pro-rated basis for the annual membership fee.
  • New members will be sent an acceptance letter and member information packet.

Membership Application

Membership Reference Check