Code of Ethics

Our code of ethics, as practiced by the National Association of Executive Recruiters member firms, comes from the belief that sound and ethical practice is good business. Confidence and respect are indispensable to success in a business embracing the many intangibles of our service and involving relationships so dependent upon good faith.

NAER and its members encourage fair competition among executive search consultants. We hold that these professionals should compete on merit and not by attempts at discrediting or disparaging a competitor, or its work, directly or by inference, or by circulating unwarranted claims about another organization. Neither NAER nor any member shall engage in such activities which violate antitrust laws.

Business promotion and development shall be conducted forthrightly by members with no misrepresentations (expressed or implied) which might mislead clients and/or candidates.

Communication between members and clients or members and candidates shall be objective and accurate:

  • Clients, positions, and candidates shall be represented honestly and factually;
  • Members shall honor the confidentiality of proprietary information received from clients and candidates;
  • Members shall conduct comprehensive reference checks of candidates prior to final selection by clients.

Members shall refrain from soliciting candidates from client companies.
Members shall refrain from using sourcing techniques which involve pretext or falsehood.
Members shall inform clients of potential limitations, due to other client relationships, which might affect the outcome of the search.
Member firms shall not accept payment for counseling or other assistance to individuals seeking employment.
Potential conflicts of interest due to business relationships between members and candidates shall be disclosed to clients before candidate presentations.