Our Search Process

Critical to successful executive search is a thorough understanding of the client’s business, organization, products and/or markets, as well as a knowledge of key executives and their interrelationships. We review each of these elements before a search begins. This preparation allows us to determine the magnitude and direction of the search, and, once engaged, to represent the client to potential candidates with candor and authority.

With background information in place, the NAER executive recruiter develops a search plan and position specification for client review and approval. This strategic plan identifies target companies as a focus for the search. In addition, the specification details the concept, tasks, scope, and objectives of the available position and presents an ideal candidate profile against which to measure qualified individuals. Thorough research is conducted to ensure the broadest candidate pool is considered.

With a specific search plan in place, the recruiter makes contact through an extensive sourcing network for the purpose of gathering pertinent data to screen and qualify potential candidates in the shortest period of time.

After carefully examining the information revealed by research, candidates are contacted and screened. Those appearing interested and well-qualified are then interviewed by the recruiter. The interview process is one of the keys to a successful search. Not only does it determine a candidate’s aptitudes, management style, motivations, and personal characteristics, but it enables the recruiter to identify truly serious individuals, saving client companies valuable time and expense.

The recruiter evaluates those candidates in contention and submits the credentials of those best qualified to the client along with reports containing factual and subjective information about each individual’s suitability. After discussions with the client, an interview strategy is developed. This assists the client in preparing pertinent questions for the candidate and seeking answers to concerns about the individual’s personal interplay with other key managers.

Prior to making a formal offer of employment, thorough reference and background checks are conducted. After verification, the recruiter frequently assists in compensation and contract negotiations.

Follow-up service is the professional responsibility of each NAER member firm. Our task is incomplete until we contact the client to ensure continued satisfaction and a smooth adjustment of the candidate.