NAER 2012 Conference Speaker Profile: Jeff Allen


If you’re in the search business, Jeff Allen probably needs no introduction. He’s been The Fordyce Letter’s ”Placements and The Law” columnist since 1982. He is also Founder and Director of the National Placement Law Center, and the foremost authority on Placement Law. In addition to his column in The Fordyce Letter, Jeff authors two other columns, including the “Jeff’s on Call!” column at and the “Ask Jeff” column in Employment Opportunities Magazine. He is also the author of 24 popular books in the career field, including The Placement Strategy Handbook, Placement Management, The National Placement Law Center Fee Collection Guide, and the two-volume Best of Jeff Allen.

Jeff’s law practice focuses on reviewing and writing retained search agreements, developing fee schedules, collecting placement fees, prosecuting trade secrets cases, drafting employment agreements, consulting on equal employment matters, and representing recruiters in all matter of legal issues. His clients span individuals to multinational corporations in every area of recruiting.

Indeed, Jeff’s credentials are so long that Alan Schonberg, the legendary founder of Management Recruiters International, once introduced him by simply saying “Just be glad Jeff’s on our side!”

You’d be calling Jeff if you wanted the best legal advice. Now you can get that unique advice free just by attending the NAER 2012 Conference!
Jeff rarely does workshops, since he’s in the trenches with us every day. His approach is “desk up”, because he was a recruiter who learned the law and knows how to use it. He doesn’t rely on abstract theory. He knows personally what it means to have someone steal your data base or avoid paying your well-earned fee. To others, he’s “the world’s leading placement lawyer,” but to us he’s a good friend.
As part of NAER’s 2012 Conference Program, Jeff will be leading a 2-part workshop, including a legal update with a Q&A session, and How to Get and Write a Retainer. We hope you will join us for some of the best legal advice in the business!